An Islamic treasure where you can find powerful and effective quranic duas.

About treasureofdua

Treasure of Dua is part of a movement to free all Muslims from their problems. Our motive is to bring a good change in the lives of all those who follow the most beautiful religion, ‘Islam’.

It doesn’t matter how many difficulties you face today. Using our Islamic techniques, you will get rid of all the big and small problems in your personal life. You also have the support of a Muslim astrologer here, you can share all your troubles with them without any hesitation.

Thanks to the team of the best Muslim astrologers worldwide, who provide us with helpful dua and wazifa! If you like our work, you can connect us on social networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you post something that is haram in Islam?

Big no! We hate posting these kinds of things that are forbidden in Islam. All duas and wazifas are provided by great Islamic scholars who have deep knowledge of the subject.

Are there any charges or fees for duas and wazifa?

As we mentioned above, it is the treasure of Muslims, you can get as many benefits as possible from dua and wazifa for free.

Can I share my personal information with Molana Ji?

Yes, you can, your information is safe with us. We assure you that not a single detail of yours (not even your name) will be shared anywhere on the web or with the person.

How can I contact Islamic Scholars for help?

If you have problems related to marriage, love, business or any personal life problems, you can contact molana ji on WhatsApp by clicking the button below.