Powerful Dua to Become Rich and Wealthy

Dua to get rich is a very powerful and useful Quranic dua. Like everyone else, you may want to get rich and accumulate enormous wealth for yourself and your family. But the truth is that sometimes a person is not lucky enough to get it right.

So by doing this powerful dua to become rich, you will get positive energy to do better. After doing this dua for just one week, you will see that all your efforts and hard work will begin to show you results.

Dua to become rich

It is well known that the dua is a very powerful weapon for a believer, especially when all else fails, it is the only thing one can turn to. By doing dua to get rich regularly, you will never run out of money or finances. If you have a large debt load, this will also help you pay it.

This get rich dua is a tried and tested dua. People have done it regularly for many years and always got more than expected from Allah (SWT).

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Let’s go to the procedure of doing wazifa to become extremely wealthy and prosperous. Also, remember to do it on a regular basis in order to obtain favorable results in your business, work, or career.

Steps of doing dua for becoming rich

There are basically five steps of doing this dua;

  1. First of all, do a new ablution and sit in a quiet place.
  2. After the fajr prayer, read durood-e-inaam 7 times.
  3. Now read this dua to get rich “Allahumma aksir maalee wa-waladee wa-baarik li feema a’taytanee” 79 times.
  4. Re-read durood-e-inaam and pray to Allah for pouring out his blessings on his business or career.
  5. You have to do this powerful wazifa after the isha prayer as well.

As you can read above, you must follow each step very carefully. If you add this wazifa to your daily routine, believe me in just 5 days you will see its powerful effects.

dua to become rich and wealthy
Recite this powerful dua to get rich quickly after reading durood-e-inaam.

Quick note: In case you are in doubt about the steps to perform this effective dua to attract wealth, you can contact our Muslim astrologer for help. Also, you can discuss your financial problem and its solution with him.

Powerful wazifa to get rich quickly

Wazifa to get rich quickly helps people accumulate wealth and power. The best part about this wazifa is that it works very fast and is allowed in Islam. Many great personalities follow this dua to get rich, in order to solve their financial problem.

One thing you should know is that earning a good amount of money is very easy and straightforward. But the difficult thing is to maintain it for a long time. A really rich person is one whose money keeps increasing over time. You may have seen many people in your lives who get rich very quickly and, after a while, face financial problems again.

So to get rich doing dua and wazifa you have to make sure you don’t choose bad paths for earning money. Along with that, always give zakat on time, help the poor around you. By doing this, you make Allah happy and you make sure that you will always have more than enough money in your treasury.

The more you do the wazifa to get rich, the richer you will be. And once you start to get rich, you will break the chain of poverty and financial problems in your family and friends. Again believe in Allah, he always chooses the best for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dua is good for wealth?

If you want to get rich and gain an immense amount of wealth, you can start reciting dua of surah an-nur. By reading it routinely, you will definitely gain success in your respective fields.

What is the best time to do the above wazifa?

Look, there is no fixed time, but for the best and fastest result, you can do wazifa to get rich twice a day, i.e. once after fazr prayer and once after isha.

Does this dua to get rich always work?

Yes it will always work if you have firm faith in Allah SWT and determination towards your work. Allah Almighty always accepts the prayers of those who practice their work or business honestly.

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