Dua To Make Someone Love You

Assalam alaikum to all readers! Today we are going to know about dua to make someone love you and how you can make someone fall in love with you.

Using this powerful dua to make someone love you again from the Quran, one can regain their lost love in just 3 days. It may sound impossible, right?

But the best part is that it is possible and this dua works very effectively. According to the great Islamic scholars, if we perform a dua or wazifa with the correct procedure, amazing results can be obtained. And you don’t need to worry if you are struggling to get someone’s love. Just follow each point given in this post and your problem will be solved.

Dua to Make Someone Mad in Love With You

Today many young people approach us with a question about dua to make someone fall in love with you. They are also sometimes ashamed to tell about their situation and some of them are totally depressed about their feelings.

It should be noted that there is nothing wrong if you are in love with someone, after all we are all social beings who need love and care. Understand the beauty of the powerful feeling you have for a person. Because while doing ‘dua to make someone fall in love with you’, you have to be full of positive emotions and faith.

It won’t work if you don’t have faith in almighty Allah or the prayers you are making.

Now we give you the exact procedure that you must follow to make the wazifa. Also, we recommend that you speak to one of the Islamic scholars in case you need guidance on it. You can also try doing dua to make someone miss you after this.

Here is the Dua to Make Someone Love You in 3 Days

You have to perform this powerful dua for love on the Friday after the maghrib prayer. Secondly, you should not leave this wazifa in the middle, regardless of whether you get the desired result or not. You have to do it regularly for 3 days.

  • Do a new ablution first.
  • Now start reciting Durood Sharif 11 times.
  • Read the entire bismillah 786 times.
  • Now do dua to make someone love you, as shown below in the picture.
  • Reread durood sharif 11 times.
  • At last blow on water and give it to that person, who you want to fall in love with you.
steps of doing dua to make someone love you
Follow the steps to make dua to make someone fall in love with you again.

Practice the above steps for three days and Insha Allah your dua will be accepted by Allah tallah. All you have to do is to keep your deep faith in Allah and the rest leave everything on him. Your love will undoubtedly be drawn to you and will eventually fall in love with you again.

Note that you cannot change any of the above steps in any way. If you make changes in them, it is possible that Allah will not accept your dua.

Dua to Make Someone Fall in Love With You

Love is the purest feeling that brings joy and sparks into a person’s life. When a person is in love, he begins to overcome his limitations and if one has his true love standing for them, it can work wonders. Even our holy Quran Sharif teaches us to love one another as a family.

But in reality, there are many problems that you have to face to get your love back. Today, a relationship is full of ego, misunderstandings, and disloyalty. Whereas a loving relationship must consist of empathy, faith, and loyalty.

dua to make someone love you
Qurani Dua to make someone love you in 3 days

That’s why ‘dua to make someone love you’ consider as the best quranic dua. By doing this dua, you will get rid of all the love problems that you are currently facing. Doing this powerful dua and wazifa will heal your broken heart and help you regain your true love.

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