Islamic Dua To Remove Anger From Husband

The dua to remove the anger of the husband is a very powerful Qur’anic dua. It can be used to treat your partner’s anger problem. No matter how bad your situation is, you will get very good results by doing it. You just have to do it the right way.

Again, if you think about how to perform dua to remove anger from husband. Then just read this article, we have tried to mention each and every step in detail.

By reciting it correctly, all your problems will disappear. It only demands your faith and consistency.

Dua to remove anger from husband

Islamic dua to remove anger from husband

One of the reasons you should perform this dua to remove anger from your husband’s heart and mind is to keep the peace. Because a house or apartment becomes a home when it has peace and love.

Just to bring back happiness and peace, our molana nazim khan ji has shared with you this powerful Islamic dua.

Nazim Khan is a famous molana ji based in India, who is very knowledgeable about Quranic dua to make husband listen to his wife and other islamic wazifa. By performing this dua and wazifa, he has solved many people’s problems.

And that same dua is shared here today only, it will surely help you remove your husband’s anger.

Please note that before doing any wazifa or dua you should consult or seek the guidance of an Islamic scholar. After that, you can perform it.

Steps of doing dua to remove husband’s anger

steps of doing dua to remove anger from husband

  1. Start by doing ablution.
  2. After that sit where you perform namaz (prayer) regularly.
  3. Next, recite “ya wadoodo-Ya Lateefu” 120 times.
  4. Then start reciting ayat 191 from surah Al Imran.
  5. Regularly perform this wazifa for 5 days.

Important Note – Perform this wazifa to remove the anger of the husband on Friday. Because there is a special time on Friday known as “hour of acceptance” that actually helps you accept your dua.

Side by side if you want you can start reciting dua to bring husband and wife closer.

Dua for husband’s anger problem

Our only intention in giving this powerful dua to control husband’s anger is to keep you happy and stress-free. In today’s digital age, everyone is becoming selfish. A normal person doesn’t spend quality time with her family.

All a man wants is money, everyone wants to be rich, there is nothing wrong with that. But along with wealth, you must also take proper care of society.

If you or your acquaintance are facing this type of situation, then you may consider doing this dua. All it demands is your faith in Allah (swt) and miracles from him. Another important thing is that you should do this dua for the husband’s anger problem in some holy place like a mosque. It will give you effective results and more benefits.

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